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Moving through life with ease is something I am becoming better at day by day. It's hard to not get distracted by external factors that are usually negative and are those that waste our energy. Our energy is precious and should be guarded and only let to flow in or with other high vibration beings. Positivity and optimism is important and these things coupled with belief in the self and the notion of limitless potential will propel you further along the path of living in ease. I can understand that the language used by many 'spiritual people' in popular culture today can seem or feel cringey when you hear it, but that is because to some the use of this language is 'trendy' or 'in' for the time, yet in reality there is some truth behind the words 'vibration' and 'frequency'. These words are rooted in the basics of science and how everything in the universe is energy and is vibrating at a certain frequency.

I think thats all we want really in life is ease, and the right to have a free and fulfilling life here in this reality. When I am stressed, it may take a few minutes for me to realise that I am stressed, but through past experience I now have ways of processing that stress so it does not manifest itself into anxiety or worry. I have developed techniques through influence from great teachers such Jordan Hardgrave & Karin Rugman. These techniques involve relaxing the muscle areas in the body, identifying tension through whats referred to as a 'body scan', and checking in with the body to see how it is feeling, and through somatic practice noticing the nuances in the physical and how they may influence the state of the mental. When the physical is relaxed and calm, so then can the mental be too.

Walking around in a warmth of light and love, in a blissful ease is hard to achieve throughout our busy lives, but that doesn't mean I don't strive for that feeling to be felt everyday. Try walking around in ease, like you are walking on a fluffy cloud, breathing in the fresh air that was gifted to us, getting out in nature will aid the feeling of ease to become more pronounced in your daily life. Once you understand alignment of the body, that posture is health and many other incredibly insightful concepts and ideas, things do become easier, your understanding of the relationship between the external and the internal worlds and how they can find a sense of balance in existing together side by side. Knowing that we should not let the negative elements of the external effect or disrupt in any damaging manner, the inner workings of the very precious internal. The internal is all we have, so we should nourish and nurture it to be a safe and happy place to be.

  • Dis-ease is just the absence of ease.
  • Dis-order is just the absence of order.
  • Darkness is the absence of light.
  • Cold is the absence of Heat or Warmth.

Everything in life is neutral, the meaning we place on that thing is where our stress or emotion (energy in motion) comes into play. Knowing this simple fact, can radically change how much meaning you place on things in the external and increase the amount of ease you feel and experience in your life within the internal.

Lord buddha
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