About Me

In 2019, I graduated from Bath Spa University with a Dance degree, and I am now currently working in the events industry as a freelance Stage Manager and lighting technician, helping clients bring production visions alive.

What I'm Curious About

  1. I'm working on building this website, this is where alot of my time and effort is going at the moment. I understand the value of attention and the currency that it is in today's world, I look forward to collating my ideas and thoughts into one space online for you all to read and enjoy.
  2. I have a music/radio style podcast called Jam Junction FM, where I have guests on to discuss our favourite musical tastes in a particular genre. The majority of these episodes I've done so far, includes myself flying solo and enjoying the ride of expressing to my audience how much I love music, and it's alot!
  3. On this website I write articles about dance, music, and anything that interests me. Each one of our individual experiences through life is completely and utterly unique, I think thats really special and is something that should be cherished, so join me, because theres only one ME and only one YOU.
  4. I'm constantly learning new things and everyday I continue to nurture my inner child of curiosity, because frankly, I am just super interested in so many aspects of the human experience, it's all truly fascinating stuff.

Other Stuff

  • I still play all those nostalgic games of my childhood, on my PS2 console, only when I have time. Games such as: Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, and SSX 3, among others.
  • I enjoy producing a beat, or writing a verse for a hip hop track. I also enjoy singing and harmonising with songs I love and appreciate. Some of my favourite musical artists include: Prince, Steely Dan, and Bomba, among many many others.