NOT taking on your own advice.

Why do we do it to ourselves?

NOT taking on your own advice.
Photo by Jen Theodore / Unsplash

Why is it, that when a friend is struggling with something in their life and we give advice on that struggle, and we know the advice to be the correct way of doing things, do we then not follow the advice we gave them?

We are all reflections of each other. Life is a sort of mirroring game, where we speak and interact with mirrors. This notion is incredibly useful for becoming wiser in life, growing and flourishing into a new person with a new perspective. There's so much to learn by communicating with the world and observing others. Looking at how the world reflects back at us and what this can teach us.

You know this and I know this but what I'm trying to get to the crux of, is to why we do that? We know what to do, we know how to do it, and yet we don't, why?

Incredibly frustrating. Some days are filled with overthinking, self doubt and fear of failure. Yet other days are filled with motivation, energy and a willingness to take action. Time is our greatest asset and yet we still squander it, we procrastinate, we distract ourselves with mind numbing shit that does not serve us or worse mentally masturbate by watching self help videos on what we know we should be doing.

The information age has overloaded our brains, our natural curiosity and inquisitiveness plays against us, this loop of starting something new, the shiny new thing is so compelling that it trumps the boring things we know we need to do to progress.

We must try to follow our own advice and not self sabotage ourselves, we wouldn't treat our friends like that, we'd want to give them the best and be the best friend to them that we could be.

Why don't we befriend ourselves? Why don't we work hard for our inner friend, who is our self, befriend the self, support and uplift them, treat them how we treat others.

This brain dump of a post is all over the place and that's fine. I'm just writing. Getting the journal that's in my head out into the ether. Maybe this is something that you can relate to and inner-stand. I say inner-stand because we must continue to go within to get our answers.

Thanks for reading!