Photo by Louis Moncouyoux / Unsplash

Getting over that hill you see above, consistently climbing that mini hill everyday is a challenge, and if you're feeling that weight of not doing enough in your creative endeavours or whatever it is you do, I see you and I hear you because being consistent is hard.

Now from what I have read, researched and delved into, the information being presented is that you need to make the notion of being consistent a habit. It needs to become a habit in your life, whereby you then become so accustomed to that activity that you move through your day with ease, as you act from a unconscious program that was trained and repeated into your subconscious mind in the past. Over time you can then act in your second nature capability, accessing what you use to drive a car. When you learnt to drive a car, there were so many steps, and at first it was overwhelming, but now you don't have to consciously think about what you are doing because the subconscious mind has a loaded program for that activity which allows you to consciously think about or listen to something else.

My previous post about treating your life like a video game, setting clear objectives can be a great way to start in being more consistent with what we want to achieve in our daily lives. Giving yourself a strong WHY as to why you are doing the things you are doing is important in keeping yourself accountable. If you say to yourself "my life depends on this, I must do this thing everyday to be successful" then that is your why and this can be really important in keeping you motivated to move forward and to keep to your word.

"What you repeatedly do gets ingrained in your subconscious mind, what gets ingrained in your subconscious mind becomes an unconscious activity"  - Coach JV - 3T Warrior Academy

What I am beginning to learn is that habits are strong things to create and strong things to break, we have all had or still have negative habits that need to be eradicated and replaced with something positive, there is no perfection, the journey and experience of human growth is infinite and until the day comes when our time here is done, all we can do now is be.

Think about what your legacy will be when the timer runs out, how do you want to be remembered? All of these questions give you reminders to keep pushing forward in achieving your dreams. Lets start by striving to make consistency a vital priority in our lives, make it a habit, make it a part of your daily routine.

Here's a video on consistency that I enjoyed:

The 5 points to take away from this video are:

  1. Have A Specific Goal
  2. Make This Goal Your Number 1 Priority (Your Life Depends On It!)
  3. Prepare In Advance
  4. Accountability
  5. Positive Affirmations & Confidence (Manifestation)

I hope this post at least helped you get over the hill of understanding how to crack the code on consistency, because I can surely tell you, I still haven't cracked it but will make it my aim to do so!